Kratom and Opiates: Fighting Off the Addiction

Kratom and Opiates

Extracts from kratom and opiate treatment have now become important tools for easing opiate withdrawal symptoms. The process may be uncomfortable and unbearable for some, as it could last from a few days to as long as several weeks.

Kratom and Opiates Withdrawal and Occurrence

Opiate withdrawal happens when a person’s body gets used to the opiates in the system, which likely includes pharmaceutical products and illegal drugs such as opium and heroin.

Being physically dependent on opiates can negatively impact a person in so many ways. Some users end up being heavily dependent them, which lead to substance abuse. As a matter of fact, latest research studies indicate that 10 percent of Americans are currently misusing or abusing opiates.

Opiates all share one common denominator: they all react on the μ-opioid receptors of the brain. Basically, these are tiny ports found in your brain’s cells. When such ports are filled with drugs like opiates, you’ll experience a wide range of effects such as euphoria, relaxation, and pain relief.

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When you’re used to getting these ports filled most of the time for prolonged periods, the chemistry in your brain adjusts to the new changes. In the long term, your brain becomes heavily dependent Kratom-Toss-And-Washon the ports to always be filled with opiates. When the ports abruptly fail to receive opiates, the body undergoes a severe negative reaction — withdrawal.

Withdrawal symptoms can occur within a matter of hours. For some, it can take a few days (especially for long-acting opiates).

The window period for the onset of kratom and opiates withdrawal will depend on the opiate type, dosage levels, and a person’s metabolism. These factors will also influence the length of withdrawal intensity and process.

Kratom Intake and Process

Will kratom actually treat opiate withdrawal? Absolutely. You can utilize kratom to treat mild or severe opiate withdrawal. Although it’s recommended to use the herb before the withdrawal reaches severe levels.

So instead of waiting for the withdrawal to progress to its intense state, utilize kratom before the withdrawal becomes unbearable. Opt for kratom strains that suits your withdrawal symptoms best.

Kratom dosage for opiate withdrawal varies and will largely depend on your body’s physiology, the kind of opiate ingested, and the amount taken. Some recommend taking 2 to 4 grams of kratom powder then waiting for around half an hour to feel its effects. Once the effects are felt, add 1 more gram then wait for another 30 minutes before you re-evaluate. If needed, stack 1 more gram. You can repeat this process until you’ve reached your optimal dose.

The herb’s powerful effects can last for several hours. When you start hitting that “breakthrough” state and withdrawal symptoms starts returning, go for an additional dose.

Once you’re able to achieve proper frequency and ideal dosage levels are met in treating withdrawal symptoms, you can start administering the dose in your most intense withdrawal period. When you start feeling normal and the withdrawal kratom and opiates symptoms starts fading, you can slowly being weaning off from the herb.

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