How To Use Kratom As A Study Aid

Having a boost in mental focus and energy is just one of the benefits of using kratom as a study aid. When used correctly, the stimulating effects of some kratom strains will help you accomplish more and focus for longer periods. This is perfect for students that need a little healthy and natural boost.

Although kratom is not considered a brain enhancing supplement like a nootropic, it does however give you similar positive effects. Not to mention that Mitragyna speciose is an all-natural, organic supplement.

How to use Kratom as a Study Aid

One of the amazing attributes about Mitragyna speciose is its ability to give you different effects depending on the dosage. Staying with a smaller dose, you will take advantage of its stimulating effects. On the other hand, if you take to high of a dose, you will become sedated. Obviously this is the opposite effect you are looking for.

Each person is different and the effects are not the same for each person. If you are new to Kratom, it is best to learn how it will affect you before you take it for studying. Please read our other article for more information about the basics on how to dose kratom.

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Study Dosing Guide

Before you start studying, take your dose of kratom about 10-20 minutes before you are planning on starting. The average dose for mild effects is about 1 – 2 grams or .5 – .9 tsp. If your tolerance is a bit higher, it would probably be best to double this amount.

Depending on the strain and person, the stimulating effects will last between 2-4 hours. If your study session is going to be longer than this, you will need to take another dose as you feel the effects fade. It is recommended that you do this at around the 2 hour mark, just to be safe. On average, this should be the same amount as your fist dose. Continue this every 2-3 hours for the duration of your study period.

***NOTE*** Remember to listen to what your body is telling you. This is just a guide to help obtain the desired effects for using kratom as a study aid. Each person is different and this guide my need to be altered to your own preferances.

Best Kratom Strains To Use For Studying

Many studies have shown that the Kratom strains with more energizing and stimulating effects are best to use. By far the most popular strains are Maeng Da and Indo Kratom. One thing to take into consideration when you are selecting kratom for a study aid is the vein color. If possible, aim for a white vein or green vein kratom. These tend to have more energy and less sedating effects.

Keep in mind that natural and organic kratom is by far more predicatable than any blend. As a rule of thumb, never buy kratom that has other ingredients or chemicals added to it. Always buy from a recommended vendor to insure the greatest quality.

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Kratom Negative Effects and Warnings

In general, most people that properly use kratom for a study aid find it beneficial. There have been few reports that kratom can negatively affect your short term memory slightly. This clearly is bad if you are cramming for a test. Be sure to test this for yourself before you actually add Mitragyna speciose into your study routine.

As always, remember to cycle your kratom and studying. Using kratom on a dialy basis can in turn make studying without it hard. With over use, kratom can become addictive and cause mood swings, headaches, and make you jittery. Also, overuse will increase your tolerance too. Check out our other article on how to avoid kratom tolerance. Like anything, exercise moderation and you won’t have any problems using kratom as a study aid.

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