Methods of Taking Kratom

What Are Some Methods of Taking Kratom?

Methods-of-Taking-KratomSince its discovery, the primary method of taking Kratom has been to ingest it orally. To this day, in all of the places where the Kratom plants grow, people chew the raw leaves to gain its effects. Obviously, we do not have this herb growing in our back yards and it’s not sold freshly at the produce market. At the moment, the only way to obtain kratom is in the form of dried leaf and in a milled powder. Currently, there are several ways of taking kratom. We have compiled a list of the 10 most common ways people use to experience the effects of this medicinal herb.

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Nibbling on the dried kratom leaves

All over Southern Thailand, several tribes collect and store their kratom in the form of dried leaves. These dried leaves can be chewed or nibbled on. However, they are tough to ingest and could cause an upset stomach. Not to mention that most strains of kratom taste awfully bitter when chewed. Realistically, you will need to chew a lot of dried material to bring about any effects. Roughly 5 grams of kratom powder is equal to about 10 to 15 grams of dried leaves. If you are going to take kratom this way you will have a lot of chewing to do.

Toss and Wash Kratom powder

Kratom-Toss-And-WashOne of the simplest and most popular ways of taking Kratom is the toss and wash method. What you do is weigh or measure out the dose you are going to take. Next, you need to prepare a cup of something liquid to drink. Once everything is ready, place the Kratom powder in your mouth and wash it down with your drink. Not only does this method save time but the effects start to manifest after 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the strain. Most new users will start off with 5-7 grams of Kratom powder. It is important to always start with a lower dosage and work your way up depending on your personal experiences.

Use caution when taking kratom this way. Remember to hold your breath temporarily as to not inhale the fine powder. This can leave you with an unfortunate experience as you will be consumed with coughing, choking and watering eyes. Don’t let this discourage you though. Most users prefer to take Kratom this way and do not experience any of these problems.

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Kratom and Juice

This is also a fast and easy way to take your Kratom. We recommend using a cup of orange juice as acidic juices work better and also help disguise the bitter taste. Mix the measured out dose of Kratom powder in with the juice by either stirring or using a shaker cup. Make sure that the powder is dissolved so that there are no clumps. Right away, drink the mixture down. Usually a new user trying this method should start off with 4-6 grams.

Using juices with a higher acidic content, like lime, lemon, or grapefruit, it is said to result in faster and stronger effects. Kratoms alkaloids are soluble in certain acids that help speed up your metabolism. These juices also help your body process kratom faster. Vitamin C tablet’s also contain ascorbic acid and can be used for the same purpose.

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Kratom Capsules

Kratom-CapsulesFor a lot of people, swallowing the bitter kratom powder can be troublesome. As an alternative, a lot of suppliers are now selling this herb in the form of capsules. This allows you to still directly ingest the kratom orally without having to taste it at all. If your favorite strain is not sold as a capsule, you can even make your own. Most naturopath and health food stores sell gelatin capsules that quickly digest once taken and are easy to fill with kratom powder. This way you can still use the powder you have even if you can’t swallow it any other way.


Kratom Tea

Another popular way of taking this herb is to make Kratom into tea. Although this is a mild and less effective way to take your kratom, it is also fairly safe and a good place to start. Boil yourself a cup and a half of water on the stove. Then add in your Kratom powder or dried leaves to the hot water and let it simmer for 15-20 minutes. Grab a strainer, hold it over your mug and pour the freshly brewed tea into your cup. In general, this herbal tea is quite bitter. Now depending on your tastes, you can add cinnamon, lemon, honey or even peppermint to add some extra flavor.

Taking Kratom Conclusion

What it really comes down to is personal preference. Everybody is unique and has their own way of dosing their kratom. Some people even use a few different methods, depending on what kratom strain they are taking. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to kratom. Do what feels the most natural and don’t be afraid to switch it up every now and again. Over time, it is natural for people to move from one method of taking kratom to another.

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