Green House Kratom Green Bali Review

Green House Kratom Green Bali PackageAfter my first look at Green House Kratom’s Green Bali Powder, I would say that the packaging is quite unique. The little sample bags seem to be made out of a brown paper of some sort. The top of the package is factory sealed and has a built in re-seal able strip. Tearing open the top of the package was very easy. Smelling the powder was a little hard because of the brown paper smell of the packaging. The powder is ground very finely as well. Today I measured out a dose of 1 tsp that roughly equals to 3 grams of Green Bali Kratom Powder. As soon as the powder entered my mouth, the bitterness was quite overwhelming. There is not much info on their website for this herb but it does say that this powder is de-stemmed and de-veined. Buy Quality Kratom from our recommended vendors by clicking here.

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Shipping Information

From confirmation of my order, to the package landing on my door step, took about 7 days. Shipping was free and it was shipped internationally to me here in Canada. For that I understand that it would take some time to clear customs. Anyone ordering with the USA, I would believe that it would only take a few days.

Green House Kratom Green Bali Bag

Product Test of Green House Kratom Green Bali Powder

30 Minutes – So far I do not have any effects to document. Although the after taste of this kratom stayed in my mouth for a while after I took my measured out dose. Perhaps this powder takes a little time to kick in.Green House Kratom Green Bali Dose

1 Hour – Around the 45 Minute mark I started to feel some effects. My focus started to increase and I felt a little bit of euphoria. Now at the 1 Hour mark, I am a little more energized but not by much. Also, I have a small increase in my mood.

1 hour 30 Minutes – Right now I am experiencing some euphoria but it is quite mild. My focus is alright but it too is very mild. My mood too is not increasing. I do have a little bump in focus but, its mild.

2 Hours – Realistically, the only effect that is noticeable is a very light euphoria. My state of mind though is actually relaxed. There is no effect on my focus or energy levels.

2 Hours 30 Minutes – After sitting here focusing for several minutes, every effect level is back to normal.

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Green House Kratom Green Bali Review SummaryGreen House Kratom Green Bali Powder

For starters, this Green Bali Kratom powder took a long time for the basic effects to kick in. The full range of effects associated with this strain were all mild. On top of that, the packaging was hard to close. The tear off section at the top is too consistent with ripped paper and the kratom powder really clung to it. My final thoughts with this Green Bali Review is that it is below average. Personally, I would not buy it again or advise anyone to buy it.

Focus: 3/5

Energy: 2.5/5

Mood: 2.5/5

Euphoria: 3/5

Relaxation: 2/5

Length: 3/5

If you have any questions about this Green Bali Review, please feel free to leave a comment below.

One thought on “Green House Kratom Green Bali Review

  1. Carole Harris

    I feel the same…will not ever buy it again. The super green malay is the one to buy. Really calming and motivational…..great stuff.

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