Krakon Kratom – Ultra Enhanced Indo Review (UEI)

Kraken Kratom Ultra Ehnanced Indo Package 59 PMSimply put, Kraken Kratom proclaims that this is the best Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom (UEI) on the market. This is supposed to be the same formula carried by Speciosa Specialists many years ago. When you break it down, this is supposed to be one of their most popular Kratom products to date. As you all know, there is only one way to find out…



We are located in Canada and all of our orders have to be shipped internationally from the United States. From the time of our order being processed to the product showing up on our door step was about 5 days. Did I mention that the shipping was free? Now I would imagine that for orders within the USA shipping should be vary quick considering that mine had to go through customs.

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Product Test

The kratom came in a professional looking package with a factory tear open seal. I tore open the sealed black packaging to find another sealed zip-lock baggie inside. The Indo smelled a little like fresh green tea. Today I measured out a dose of a 1/4 tsp. I took it on an empty stomach and washed it down with water. The Taste was vary interesting. My tongue tingled a little bit and the flavor was not too bad. It still was bitter but actually went down really easily. My tongue and throat went a little bit numb too.

Photo 2015-05-11, 12 16 28 PM20 Minutes – I have defiantly noticed an lift in my mood. There is a slight euphoric feeling and I’m feeling defiantly more focused on my tasks. Can easily feel a difference.

40 Minutes – I defiantly am feeling more energized and focused. my stress levels are surprisingly low as I really power through my work tasks. I feel amazing and have a very positive attitude about just about everything. Oh and I also have a little bit of restless leg syndrome.

1 Hour – Right now I am still feeling good. All of the effects at the previous mark are consistent and have remained the same.

1 Hour 30 Minutes – Realistically I still feel great. My mood is really positive and I am still focused. The effects are great and I am accomplishing a lot.

2 Hours – Every effect is basically still at the earlier levels. The euphoria I can tell has lessened but When I relax for a minute I can tell its still there.

Photo 2015-05-11, 12 25 03 PM2 Hours 30 Minutes – The effects are slowly decreasing and are not as prominent as they were initially. Mood is still good but I can tell my stress level is rising a little.

3 Hours – Since my last report, the effects have remained consistent. My focus is still quite sharp though.

3 Hours 30 Minutes – Right Now all I can say is that my focus is sharp and  have energy. All of the other effects are gone.

4 Hours – So all of the effects have faded away and I am back to normal.

Kraken Kratom’s Ultra Enhanced Indo Summary

Right off the bat, I have to say that what impressed me most was the mood boost. The energy and focus was not too far behind either. There was a lot I got accomplished and I had a vary positive day. Now on the other side, the euphoria didn’t last as long as the other effects. But all together I would say this is a great ultra enhanced indo that in my opinion is above average for the kratom strain.

Energy: 3.5 out of 5

Focus: 3.5 out of 5

Mood: 4 out of 5

Pain: 3 out of 5

length: 4.5 out of 5

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2 thoughts on “Krakon Kratom – Ultra Enhanced Indo Review (UEI)

  1. kelly

    When I tried it, it was nothing like Speciosa Specialists UEI. I bought the sample pack. However, I have a high tolerance and I am going to give Kraken Kratom another shot because I absolutely love their great customer service. I will report on my second try of their UEI soon.

    1. Kelly

      Just ordered 40 grams of UEI from Kraken Kratom, who is having an AWESOME sale right now for the holidays. I am going to try this once again and see if its the same as speciosa specialists. I happen to have some speciosa specialist UEI from a year ago, I forgot I had it. Anyway, I havent had any kratom for the last 2 weeks, so I will test them back to back on 2 different days and report back.

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