Kratom Crazy’s Maeng Da Review

Kratom Crazy Maeng Da PackageToday we are going to be taking a look at Kratom Crazy’s Maeng Da powder. According to Kratom Crazy, this maeng da powder is their main seller. This powder is Premium with no stems and is 100% organic, harvested from mature plants. Every kratom leaf that is harvested, is a perfect dark green in color and is milled to a perfect sugar-like consistency. We have said this before, but what is really exciting is that you can order a single ounce to try it out, or you can order up to 35 ounces. I will be measuring out and taking a dose of 1 tsp or roughly 3.5 grams of powder. Keep in mind that everyone’s body chemistry is a little different. Always know your limits and when in doubt, start small and work your way up.

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Shipping Information

Our kratom order ended up being shipped to us free because it was over $49. Not only was the shipping free but it also arrived really fast. In the USA, its about 2 days and for Canada you can expect your order in 5 days. Also, the shipping label was discreet.

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Kratom Crazy’s Maeng Da Product Review

Right out of the box, this is a really clean Kratom Crazy Maeng Da Scooplooking product. The white bag and simple label really complements each other. One thing I noticed is that you can’t see though this bag. The great thing about having a white bag is that it will not heat up in direct sunlight. Plus we have the re-seal able top on the bag to keep the Maeng Da fresh.

Once I opened up the pouch, there was a fresh and pungent aroma of green tea mixed with a little hay. I measured out my usual dose of 1 tsp that equals out to roughly 3 grams of kratom powder. Once I did my toss and wash burn, I really noticed how bitter this Maeng Da is. This I find is common when taking a good quality kratom powder. Now we will just have to wait and see what happens.

30 Minutes – What was really surprising is that I went from feeling nothing to full on euphoric in about 5 minutes. Right away I felt the calming euphoria come on and spread though out my body. That’s not the only effect though. I feel really quite focused and quite a bit of energy. My mood is also increasing too.

1 Hour – At the moment there is still strong euphoria and I am really getting relaxed. Here is the kicker though, I am not feeling lazy. I am totally being productive and staying on task.

1 Hour 30 Minutes – What I am noticing is that I have increased levels of energy. All of the other effects that I have reported before are still very strong.

2 Hours – Currently there are no changes in the effects that I feel. Everything is the same from the last time mark.Kratom Crays Maeng Da Powder

2 Hours 30 Minutes – Once I sat down for a second, I really noticed how much euphoria I am feeling. This is amazing and I am so relaxed. I defiantly feel my mood is much higher than it was an hour ago. No doubt, I am currently very optimistic.

3 Hours – Wow I am really feeling amazing. I am so comfortable and really enjoying myself. The effects are not fading at all. Although I have to admit that I no longer need to be focusing on anything and I am enjoying being very relaxed.

3 Hours 30 Minutes – The focus I was experiencing earlier has faded a bit. All of the other effects are still here and not diminishing at all. I am very relaxed to say the least.

4 Hours – About 10 minutes ago, The effects started to slowly fade. By the 4 hour mark, I am completely feeling back to my normal self.

Kratom Crazy’s Maeng Da Review Summary

Right out of the gate, this maeng da kratom delivered great effects, as expected, that started right away. What surprised me was the combination of euphoria and focus at the front end of the product test. Maeng Da is always a favorite and this Kratom Crazy brand was no different. As the product test continued after the halfway mark, the effects were constant the the euphoria actually increased. Most kratom powder, at best, stays the same. All in all, we really enjoyed Kratom Crazy’s Maeng Da powder and will defiantly be back for more.

Focus: 3/5

Energy: 2.5/5

Mood: 4/5

Euphoria: 5/5

Relaxation: 4.5/5

Length: 4.5/5

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4 thoughts on “Kratom Crazy’s Maeng Da Review

  1. erin

    I’m curious as to how you used this. My package just came and there is a sticker on it that says “NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. only for exfoliation and pets”.

    So I’m a little concerned! Is that just because it’s not FDA regulated? Is it safe to injest? help!

    1. admin Post author

      Although kratom is a herbal supplement, you are right. It has not been evaluated by the FDA or Health Canada. Most companies have this disclaimer on their products for legal reasons.

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