Relax Remedy Green Bali Kratom Review

Relax Remedy Green Bali PackageRelax Remedy’s Green Bali kratom powder came in a clear, see through packaging. At the top of the bag, it has a reusable built in seal just below the factory seal. Using both hands, it was easy to tear open. Smelling the powder, I could tell that it was fresh and had the unique kratom smell of green tea. Today i will be taking a dose of 1 tsp that equals out to around 3 grams of Green Bali kratom. This powder is vary finely ground and had a vary bitter taste. Relax Remedy states that this kratom is jungle harvested and is pesticide free. On their website you can buy anywhere from 25g to 1kg of this kratom powder. But Kratom from our recommened vendors by clicking here.

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Shipping Information

From confirmation of my order to the package showing up at my door, it took about 7 days. One of the things about living in Canada is that orders from the USA have to be shipped internationally. This was actually a quite quick turn around for something being mailed from the USA to Canada. Relax Remedy offers same day shipping on orders and they also have the option of express shipping for $15.90. All orders over $50 are free and you cant argue with that.Relax Remedy Green Bali Bag

Product Test of Relax Remedy Green Bali

30 Minutes – Within a short 20 minutes, I already started to feel some effects. There was defiantly and increase in focus, mood as well as euphoria. My energy levels had a little bump also. My mood is vary positive and I am having a great time.

1 Hour – One thing I really have noticed is the feeling of being social. Conversations are easy to carry on. My mood is great and I do have a lot of energy. Simply put I am feeling great.Relax Remedy Green Bali Dose

1 Hour 30 Minutes – I am experiencing a good amount of euphoria. My mood is great and I have a strong focus on what I am doing. The range of effects are wonderful and really compliment the increase of energy I’m feeling.

2 Hours – Really there is nothing new to add at this point. All of the effects are holding at the same levels.

2 Hours 30 Minutes – At the moment, the most dominant effect of this Mitragyna Speciosa strain is the focus. The other effects are slightly lesser than they were at the last checkpoint but still feel great. My mood is good and energy levels are still above average.

3 Hours – My mood right now is still uplifting. The euphoria is still decreasing but not by much. I am feeling a bit more relaxed and my energy level is still holding.

3 Hours 30 Minutes – Right now the effects are really fading. I can still feel a little euphoric, and I am still in a good mood. Energy is also slowing down but I’m betting the effects will last till the next time mark.

4 Hours – There are no effects left. I am completely feeling back to my normal, everyday self.

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Relax Remedy Green Bali Kratom Summary

Once I started to feel the effects of this Green Bali Kratom Powder, I was impressed. Sadly all of the effects were short lived. The initial euphoria was awesome and I was instantly in a good mood. My focus was also really strong as I carried out some of my tasks. For the first half of the product test, all of the effects were strong and enjoyable. Just after the 2 hour mark, the energy, focus and euphoria started to slowly decrease. With that in mind, I would say that this strain of Mitragyna speciosa is very poor quality. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

Focus: 3.5/5

Energy: 3/5

Mood: 4/5

Euphoria: 4/5

Relaxation: 3/5

Length: 2.5/5

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