Relax Remedy Maeng Da Review

Relax Remedy Maeng Da PackageRelax Remedy Mang Da kratom powder is packaged in a clear zip-lock bag. This is one of their kratom samples so it does not come in a larger, factory sealed bag. Unlike most of these sample bags, this one has a stronger than average seal. Once I had pulled it open, the aroma of the powder was like fresh green tea. Green tea with a sweet undertone. Today I will be measuring out a dose of 1 tsp. This roughly equals around 3 grams of Maeng Da Powder. The taste was not as bitter as I was expecting. The very fine powder easily dissolved in the water and I was able to drink it down with just a few mouth fulls of water. Relax Remedy says that this kratom is sourced directly from Indonesia where it is jungle harvested and pesticide free. Click here to buy quality kratom powder from our recommended vendors.

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Shipping Information

I live in Canada so this order had to be shipped internationally. The shipment confirmation email came the same day that I placed the order. From that time till I received the shipment was roughly 7 days. All orders over $50 are free shipping so I defiantly took advantage of that.

Relax Remedy Maeng Da Bag

Product Test Relax Remedy Maeng Da Kratom

30 Minutes – One of the first effects I noticed was the boost in my mood. I am feeling quite relaxed but I am able to remain focused. There is very little euphoria at this point as well as energy.Relax Remedy Maeng Da Dose

1 Hour – Right now I am most defiantly relaxed and in a good positive mood. Focusing though is not a problem at all. My levels of euphoria are increasing but not at an fast rate.

1 Hour 30 Minutes – What is really impressing me is my levels of relaxation. I am in a good mood and still feel a slight euphoria in my body. Consequently, my focus in not really increasing at all.

2 Hours – Currently, the effects are just about at the same levels as the last time mark. I would have to say that both my focus and euphoria are slightly lower.

2 Hours 30 Minutes – There really is no energy left at all. I am still relaxed and in an average mood. The euphoria is decreasing but still present. Out of all the effects, its the relaxation that is the strongest.

3 Hours – All of the effects are practically gone and I am feeling back to my normal self. I am still relaxed but to be fair, it is the end of the day.

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Relax Remedy Maeng Da Kratom Review Summary

Relax Remedy Maeng Da PowderIt took a little while for the effects of this Maeng Da Kratom to come to their full levels. The ability of this strain to put your mind at ease and relax your body was decent. On the flip side, there was very little extra energy if any at all. For a strain that is supposed to give you stronger euphoria, I would place it in the below average category.

Focus: 2/5

Energy: 2/5

Mood: 3.5/5

Euphoria: 3/5

Relaxation: 3.5/5

Length: 3/5

If you have any questions about this Relax Remedy Maeng Da Review of this Kratom Powder, please leave a comment below.

One thought on “Relax Remedy Maeng Da Review

  1. Jonathan

    Maeng da only has euphoria if it’s a red vein strain. Maeng da is not a strain but a term for really good kratom and to many vendors do not list if the Maeng da they sell is red white green or yellow vein sadly.

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