Top Extracts – White Borneo Kratom Review

Top Extracts White Borneo Review PackageWhite Borneo is a wonderful mild kratom strain that is described to be uplifting. According to this kratom is known to be energizing and have euphoric properties. Now some would say that “White” Kratoms have a great middle ground when describing its effects. When this strain came up for a test, we were interested to see how it would go.



I live in British Columbia Canada and all of our orders have to be shipped internationally from the United States. It took about 5 days from the time of our order being processed to the product showing up on our door step. Because I ordered over $45 worth of Kratom, my order was free. Basically I would say that for orders within the USA, shipping should be vary quick considering that mine had to go through customs.

Product Test


Today I am going to measure out a dose of 1.5 tsp. The bag has a sticker/seal label so I carefully pop it off because I’d like to keep it intact. Once I have the ziplock bag open, the smell is a little like green tea, although not really as fresh. Also worth noting, the taste was not anything to write home about. It was vary much bitter with the after taste of eating tea. Anyone who has taken kratom before knows what I’m talking about and is normal. I washed my dose down with a glass of water.

Top Extracts White Borneo Kratom Review30 Minutes – Well 30 minutes have passed and I really don’t feel much effects. I am noticing that I do have some more energy. Better focus is definitely noticeable as I want to complete a few tasks. mood is good but nothing drastically noticeable.
1 hour – Right now I know that I definitely am not as tired. My energy and focus levels have also increased. There is a slight light headed or euphoric feeling as well. Not really much of an increase in my mood.

1 Hour 30 Minutes – Effects of the White Borneo have been consistent. At this moment I still have sufficient energy and focus. My mood is decent but not noticeably increased.

2 Hours – Noticed that the euphoria and energy have decreased slightly. Focus is still great and I am able to complete physical tasks efficiently. The work I have completed may be why I am less energized.

2 Hours 30 Minutes – At this point I definitely have the same effects as before.
Top Extracts White Borneo Kratom Powder
3 Hours – The complete effects are slowly fading away. My focus and a little bit of

euphoria still remain. I am comfortable and my mood is good but still normal.

3 Hours 30 Minutes – Right now I have to stop and think really hard about what I actually feel as effects from the kratom. Realistically, i no longer feel anything but my normal self.

Top Extracts – White Borneo Kratom Summary

One of the great things about a white veined kratom strain is that it is generally mild. The first wave of effects were slow to come on and were vary easy going. Good energy and focus were right away noticeable once the effects manifested themselves at around the 45 minute mark. The euphoria on the other hand, took some time to come around and was vary mild. when the White Borneo started to fade, it was gradual and in my opinion ended a little too soon. Still this is a great Strain for someone to try who is looking for something mild to start off with.
Energy: 3/5
Focus: 3/5
Mood: 2.5/5
Pain: 2.5/5

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