Golden Monk Kratom Vendor Review

Golden Monk Kratom is a newer name in the market, but one that is able to pack a punch when it comes to the quality kratom, as well as a wealth of information provided. This may surprise you but these Golden Monks are located in British Columbia, Canada. The site is easy to navigate through and provides the user with a pleasant shopping and learning experience with each page clicked. The website is eye-catching, while providing information on each of the strains so you know what you’re purchasing prior to purchasing it. Overall, it was a great experience visiting and working with this commerce kratom website.


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Appearance of the Site and Ease of Use

The appearance of the site is pleasant and welcoming. With plenty of navigation buttons, it is easy to find where you need to go. If you keep scrolling down the home page, it is also nicely set up to where you can find the specific strain that you’re looking for and add it to your cart. The site is ideal for any first time users because everything is laid out wonderfully.


Once you choose the strain you want to purchase, you’re easily able to add it to your shopping bag and then check out with ease.


Specific Shipping Information

Those that are ordering from the site usually want to learn more about the shipping and policies that they have in place prior to making a purchase. Shipping in Canada and the US is provided. Overnight shipping is also an option through UPS. Canada Post’s Xpresspost option is the preferred method for shipping. Shipping is based on the time and location, so the amount for shipping may vary. Shipping is done on the same or next business day from when you order, so you can always be guaranteed the freshest kratom when ordering from Golden Monk.


Kratom Reviews From Golden Monk

Learning more about each of the strains is important. If you’re curious or if you just want to get more information, not only do they have it on each of the products and comparison charts, but they also have a blog. The blog provides more in-depth information that provides a better idea of what the kratom can be used for, dosage information and ways to take it.


The website is broken up into the different types of kratom that you can purchase in the shop. This allows you to easily find the strain you’re looking for depending on the origin. The product categories include:


  • The Best Sellers
  • Bali
  • Borneo
  • Indonesia
  • Maeng Da
  • Malay
  • Thai


Each comes with their own special strain that provides a different result when taken. It is important that the person researches the recommended dosage and usage provided on the internet. For further clarity on the kratom that you should choose or how to take it, the blog provides even more information. These articles are an in-depth look into everything kratom, which not every online store provides.


Final Thoughts on Golden Monk Kratom

Golden Monk Kratom is a high quality one-stop shop for all of your kratom needs. With plenty of places to check out on the site for the newcomer or even a rewards program for those that regularly purchase, it has a little something for everyone. “The Golden Monk Kratom Club” is the specialized club for those that regularly purchase with Golden Monk. Members receive special offers and even money off coupon codes to use towards future purchases.


Golden Monk keeps their customers in mind with the website. Providing ease of use, loads of valuable information, many strains from all over, easy and secure check out solutions and a way to obtain your kratom with ease. I’d recommend shopping with them when looking for a new place to purchase your kratom.

7 thoughts on “Golden Monk Kratom Vendor Review

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Michael, For a while GMK didnt have a payment method for USA customers but they are now taking ZellePay as well as western Union money orders.

  1. Bill

    Thanks for posting the review. The competition is heavy in this market and any info that can be used to find quality vendors is appreciated.

  2. Claudio

    Great reviews !
    Thank you – out of interest if you had to choose between coastline Kratom or Golden monk which one would you pick ?

    1. admin Post author

      Claudio, I personally would order from Golden Monk Kratom. Their products are more potent in alkaloids and in my opinion fresher.

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