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Kratom Eye is part of the new wave of kratom blend vendors to pop up on the internet. Kratom eye has a large variety of different kratom blends that they sell in 1 to 4 ounce bags. This new wave of vendors that primarily focuses on making blends from different strains of kratom. Most of the time, this entails mixing lesser quality kratom strains to obtain something different and of possibly higher quality. Most often, this is a futile endeavor and is not worth the hype. The layout of the website is a little more complex and difficult to navigate than your average website. The Information available on each blend only entails 1 or 2 direct characteristics and minimalistic strain info. Most people want to know more info about their kratom to make sure that it’s from a quality harvesting facility.

Site Appearance and Ease of Purchase

Kratom Eye’s website is quite busy at a first glance. The text in the images and the headings is all different and there is no consistency. Really it seems like most of these new “special blends” online stores are just thrown together quickly to get a quick profit. The branding for each blend reminds us of a low quality headshop that needs to draw your attention to make an impulse sale at the checkout.

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Moving on from the shopping cart to the checkout, unfortunately it does not get much easier. To fill in your information, you have to scroll way down past all of the information on shipping, tracking your order and various payment details. The first time we ordered our transaction failed. Only on the second attempt, after waiting a few hours, we were able to get our order through the payment processor.

Shipping Information

Kratom Eye has decided to not get behind the industry leaders and offer only flat rate USPS priority mail. The average arrival time for their products is 3 to 4 days. Same day shipping is cut off at 12:30pm so if you don’t order in the morning, you will not get same day shipping. There is little incentive to get a discount on shipping costs either. Only if you buy over $100 of product will you receive free shipping when the industries best average out at $50. Also, emails that contain your shipment tracking information end up in your emails junk folder. At the end of the day, there is nothing exciting about the shipping from Kratom Eye.

Kratom Eye Product Reviews

Just like all of the newest pop up online kratom dealers, Kratom Eye has developed the majority of their products as “special blends”. No doubt, this usually leads to inconsistencies in the quality of kratom. People who are wanting a natural and pure Mitragyna speciose product, this is not the store you want to be purchasing from. The countless blends all have very unique and non-comparable labels as well. They are super flashy in design and do not have a consistent “Kratom Eye” logo on each package. Realistically, the packages are what I would expect to find in a low quality head shop. All flashy to grab your attention instead of building a strong, reliable and recognizable brand.

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Final Thoughts

Kratom Eye is basically one of the new kids on the block pedaling cheap and poor quality kratom. People that are interested in special blends of kratom powder want consistency and a reputable brand. This Kratom Eye vendor review exposes this flashy website as something to stay far away from. Everything from the order amount, to the shipping screams that this store is focused all on profit and not on bring a quality product to market. We are very disappointed with our order and will not be re-ordering kratom products from this online store. Take it from us, save your money and order from a reputable kratom online retailer.

3 thoughts on “Kratom Eye Vendor Review

  1. Jose Rodriguez

    I just purchased from this vendor and they charged me 3 times as much as we agreed to. The order was for $80 and they charged my card until they couldn’t take money out anymore. Do NOT ORDER FROM THEM PEOPLE THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS. They refuse to reply no matter how nicely I ask and try to explain to them that they have taken all the extra cash I had for the next two weeks. If you do order from them it’s at your own risk. I did get the Kratom but was charged an extra $160 for it. Definitely NEVER again.

  2. Kat

    I ordered from them 11 days ago and they never shipped my $75 worth of product and won’t return my messages! I don’t even know how to handle this? Any thoughts?

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