Moon Kratom Vendor Review

Moon Kratom has been around for a few years and is one of those brands that has managed to stay below the radar. Moon Kratom is a complete online store that sells larger than average bags ranging from 100 grams (3.5 ounces) all the way up to 1 kg (35 ounces). Out of all the different strains of Mitragyna speciose currently available, they have chosen to sell only 4 of the most popular kratom strains. The general layout of the website is fairly basic and is simplistic. As far as the kratom information provided on each kratom strain, it too is minimalistic and simply leaves you wanting more.

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Site Appearance and Ease of Purchase

In general, the overall website is simple and it is not too hard to find what you are looking for. The down side is that it is really dark with a black background and is a bit difficult to read. Also most pages take a long time to load. There is a pop-up help chat box that we have found completely useless. You ask a question and you do not receive an answer at all. There is no really way to contact them either. After sending Moon Kratom several emails, we have yet to receive any response an entire month later. It is safe to say that if you need some help, you probably will be on your own.

When it comes to moving from your Shopping Cart to the Check Out, The design of the site gets a lot brighter and is very easy to navigate. In 3 simple steps you have your Kratom ordered and on its way. This is probably the best looking part of the entire website. Unfortunately, you don’t get the same design on the main part of the website that would make it a lot brighter and easier to find and read the information.kratom crazy banner_728x90

Shipping Information

Moon Kratom is a company that is based out of Austin Texas. On all orders that are placed before 2PM, they will be shipped out the same day. Unfortunately, there is no free shipping on larger orders and this kratom store will only ship within the USA. Sorry Canadian customers, you will have to find a different place to buy your kratom. The only thing that brightens up this shipping experience is the priority shipping. There is no extra charge for it and it is applied to every order.

Moon Kratom Product Reviews

As like most online kratom vendors, Moon Kratom has stuck to the basics for their products. For those who are wanting a natural and pure Mitragyna speciose product, this is not the store you want to be purchasing from. One thing to note, the packaging is quite generic. All of the labels are the same and there is a small sticker that specifies what kratom blend it is. No were on the website does it say anything about their products being organic but the labels claim that they are. Inconsistencies like this leaves everyone wondering what really is going on?

When it comes to quality of the kratom, it is average to say the least. Different strains effect our bodies differently and everyone is unique. One great aspect though is the fine powder consistency. This kratom powder has been milled to a flour like state. The kratom strains defiantly vary in quality but at least the fine powder is consistent.

Green Indonesian Kratom Powder

This kratom product is quite energizing and has a sweet undertone of sharp green tea. All of the effects took a long time to show up. Once we had the increased energy, the sharper focus was right behind it. This Moon Kratom blend performs well and should be a crowd favorite for those who love Green Indo Kratom.


Red Indonesian Kratom Powder

Red Vein Indo blends can be a hit or a miss. In the case of this Moon Kratom strain, it is a very big miss. The smell and taste of this kratom powder is very bitter and is not easy to digest. Unfortunately, there was no mood enhancement, no pain relief and very little stimulation. Simply we would advise that this product everyone should stay far away from.


Yellow Indonesian Kratom Powder

This Yellow Indo kratom powder is a mixture of White and Green Indo. The energy from this kratom blend is decent at the start but dissipates faster than average. The aroma is mildly sweet but don’t be fooled, because the after taste is quite bitter. This is a fun kratom strain to start with for energy and some focus.


Red Maeng Da Powder

Maeng Da kratom is supposed to be the boss of all strains. This ultra-fine powder does not live up to the name. There is next to no energy and little pain relief. Slightly sharper focus is the only redeeming quality available here. Still, compared to other brands, this Maeng da is a lower grade and will leave you disappointed and wanting more.


Final Thoughts

Moon Kratom really doesn’t have a lot of things going for them. Their customer service is unprofessional to say the least and half of their strains just don’t measure up. Compared to the other kratom brands, there is no incentive to order an extra bag and receive free shipping. All around, moon kratom has left us disappointed and even with a possible small discount to re-order, we will be shopping elsewhere from now on.

16 thoughts on “Moon Kratom Vendor Review

  1. Bobby Pearson

    Hi im Bobby Pearson, I ordered kratom from a moon kratom, and I was very dissapointted with the quality , im lookin for a better source to buy from now. It just would be nice if I had read this before i wasted my money :(, ty and have a great day!

  2. rb

    I order from moon kratom all the time. The quality and quantity are average to me. I cannot really say anything negative about moon kratom, my worst experience wth them is lack of customer service access. Leaving a message is a toss of the dice, you may or may not get a response. When you do, they are polite. Yellow indo is great for my particular needs. Energy/relaxing combo, plus a pretty decent pain reliver.

  3. Jeff

    Been around kratom for years. Had ordered from Moon before without a problem. What Moon is selling now is fake, bogus kratom. I know I’m looking at 2 kilos of worthless crap. It’s sad to say but avoid this company.

  4. rb

    RB here again. Customer service has become a nightmare with moon kratom(botanicals) . Was really rooting for them. Shipments go out late now. This use to NEVER happen. Still pretty decent kratom for the money, but don’t count on any reliable customer support.

  5. Knowc

    Moon Kratom used to sell decent Kratom. I used to order all blends. I’ve been Kratom eater for many years.
    I don’t know what happens but my last and very last kilos tasted and looked as usual but it wasn’t Kratom not even a tiny bit. They are running a con now stay away and mash their bussines up.

  6. Ih8moonkratom

    Fuck moon they are absolute morons they can’t run a business for shit the worst customer service I have ever seen, EVER, if you plan on ordering from them in sept. 2016 they are absolutely worthless at this point

  7. Jerry

    Ordered a kilo a week back after hearing kratom will be illegal by end of Sept 2016.’
    Moon sold me a completely bogus supply, and are playing games regarding a replacement or refund. Total con artist. People like these suck.


    I totally agree, had I checked out the reviews I would never purchase from this site! I was looking for new kratom vendors. So I bought maeng da and also 10x kratom extract, 10gr. The maeng da was not all that, very gritty. The extract was not sent and when I finally get in contact w them, they claim it was an accident so they said they would send me double! Okay that’s great, well when they sent it IF it was double it was in the same pkg and it appeared to be only 10g!!! Funny thing I had ordered 1 oz from another vendor which is 16g and the moon kratom looked like what it was only 10g!!! Don’t say you’re going to send extra for the trouble
    I guess I’m great full I got what I paid for !!!
    Don’t try them definitely not worth it!!!

  9. Patrick Jordan

    Tonight was the first time I’ve ever tried Kratom. I bought it from Moon Kratom. Two different kinds. I’m not sure which one is which because all there is is a sticker on them doesn’t say the name on the packages. I will say it came in 2 days so the shipping was great. But I took about 7 grams and nothing ever happened and then I took basically another 12 grams still nothing. I’ve been known to have a high tolerance but I would think the first time I’ve ever used this it would make me feel something. Maybe I got a bad batch I don’t know. I’ll try again in the morning and see what happens. But overall yes very disappointed on the first time I’ve ever tried Kratom.

  10. Isaiah


    Thank me for this but I been 3 months so far and they are awesome. My friends say,they actually better than all their vendors too:)

    But just saying:)

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