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1kratom_crazy_logoKratom Crazy is one of the newest online stores that offer quality kratom products. Kratom Crazy provides options for individual, wholesale and bulk purchasers, with a quantity range from one to 35 ounces. This company is currently offering nine strains of kratom for sale, and they have a relatively eye-catching and well-designed site that features extensive information about each product. For example, you will be able to learn a bit about the history of each strain, along with where it is grown and what its alkaloid profile is. We were impressed with this level of detail, and we also enjoyed having the opportunity to compare various products.

Site Appearance and Ease of Purchase

Unfortunately, the comparison feature is a little bit difficult to use the first time because there is nothing that easily points out where to find the list that contains each item you have clicked “compare” on. Here is a navigational tip to help you get the most out of this feature: On the top left hand side of the screen, you will see the words “My Account.” Click on these words for a drop down menu where you will find an option labeled “Compare.” Once you click on this link, you will be taken to a list of everything that you have marked for comparison.

Other than this little navigational hiccup, the site works smoothly and the ordering process is similar to most other online sites. Each item you select will go into your shopping cart, and you can click on the cart icon when you are ready to checkout.

Shipping Information

Items are shipped from within the U.S., and Kratom Crazy offers free shipping on orders of $49 or more. For orders underneath this price, customers with a U.S. address can receive priority shipping for an impressively low $2.99. This is more than competitive with the majority of other online kratom shops, and the free shipping option gives people the opportunity to save even more money on a bulk purchase. This vendor also states on their website that every order is shipped same day, and they offer next day upgraded shipping options.

Kratom Crazy Product Reviews

Some kratom online stores have spent a lot of time and energy creating special blends, and this often leads to mixed results. Kratom Crazy has avoided this tactic so far by sticking with the primary strains. Although this might not have the same marketing punch, it actually gives the company the ability to produce a better product. According to the Kratom Crazy site, all of their kratom is sourced from Indonesian farmers who select mature plants that occur naturally within their nation’s forests. Each plant is raised organically, which means that there are no added chemicals that could alter the quality of the kratom product.

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We ordered all of Kratom Crazy’s products in order to review them and were pleased with the fact that our order arrived within two days. The packaging was durable and unmarked, and the weight of each product was accurate. After it arrived, I tested each of this new company’s kratom options so that all of you can find out whether or not to place your own order with Kratom Crazy.

Green Vein Borneo

new_Green-Vein-Borneo-400x400This kratom product has the distinctive smell that is associated with Borneo kratom leaves, and it offered a very nice, middle of the road result. Green Vein Borneo is known to be a moderate kratom that offers a noticeable analgesic effect with a minimal energy boost, and the Kratom Crazy product was no exception. This was an enjoyable kratom experience without any of the side effects that are sometimes associated with other strains.

Maeng Da

new_Maeng-Da1-400x400Maeng Da is reported to be one of the strongest kratom strains, and it typically offers an unparalleled combination of pain relief, mood enhancement and stimulation. I have tested many Maeng Da products in the past, but this offering from Kratom Crazy is definitely one of the best and lives up to Maeng Da’s reputation.


Red Vein Bali

new_Red-Vein-Bali-400x400True Red Vein Bali has a high percentage of the 7-Hydroxymitragynine alkaloid, and this offers a nice analgesic effect. Additionally, Red Vein Bali is often used in kratom stacks. Kratom Crazy’s Red Vein Bali did not disappoint, and it offered a relatively smooth experience on its own and in a stack.

Red Vein Borneo

new_Red-Vein-Borneo-400x400I was very pleased with Kratom Crazy’s Red Vein Borneo product. It had that special Borneo aroma, and it provided the anticipated strength. One of Red Vein Borneo’s main perks is that it can be very helpful for anxiety and stress, and this particular version left me feeling more relaxed and upbeat.


Red Vein Indonesian

new_Red-Vein-Indonesian-400x400Red Vein Indonesian is a favorite among many kratom users because it is smooth, well-rounded and offers high pain relief and mood enhancement properties without a lot of stimulation. This was one of my favorite Kratom Crazy products, and I enjoyed the subtle differences between the Red Vein Indonesian and the Red Vein Borneo.

Red Vein Thai

new_Red-Vein-Thai-400x400Red Vein Thai can be very hit or miss, and it is not the right kratom product for everyone. Fortunately, the Kratom Crazy product offered a good mixture of stimulation, mood enhancement and pain relief. Although Red Vein Thai is not typically one of my preferred kratom strains, the Kratom Crazy version performs admirably and should please users who are dedicated to this strain.

Super Green Malaysian

new_Super-Green-Malaysian-400x400In order to be labeled as a “super” kratom, a product must be made from the largest, most alkaloid-rich leaves. Kratom Crazy’s Super Green Malaysian definitely provided a really nice mixture of the typical Green Malaysian effects such as stimulation, increased focus, enhanced mood and pain relief, so I am comfortable with them using the “super” label. Green Malaysian enthusiasts will almost certainly enjoy the perks associated with this particular product.

White Indonesian

new_White-Vein-Indonesian-400x400The White Indonesian strain is unlike the other strains from Indonesia and more comparable to Red Vein Thai. Having said this, I enjoyed the energy boost that this product provides, even if I did miss the analgesic properties that are offered by other Indonesian strains. This particular kratom product is best suited to people who do not have any pain issues and are interested solely in increasing their energy levels.

White Vein Borneo

new_White-Vein-Boreno-400x400Kratom Crazy’s White Vein Borneo is advertised as being non-blended, and this is rapidly becoming an unusual occurrence. It was pleasant to experience White Vein Borneo in its natural state, and it also stacked well with other kratom strains. This was one of the best mood enhancers of the Kratom Crazy bunch.

Final Thoughts

Kratom Crazy has a few things that really help set them apart from other online kratom retailers. For example, they actually offer a non-blended White Vein Borneo, and they have an affordable shipping rate. When you combine these factors with their bulk quantity discounts and free shipping for orders of $49 or more, it is easy to predict that this site will become very popular with kratom lovers. As an added bonus, repeat customers can receive discount coupons by joining the Kratom Crazy Club.

5 thoughts on “Vendor Review of Kratom Crazy

  1. Brian

    Thanks for this information and I just used Kratom Crazy for the 1st time so I hope you’re correct.
    Keep up the good work because it does seem there are some vendors that may be skimping, although I have only used Quick Kratom before using Kratom Crazy and had good service with Quick Kratom.
    God Bless America!

  2. Jonathan

    A buddy has gotten real into Mang Dah and ordered a pound from this place as his first order. We were nervious that it wasnt gonna be good stuff and that 160 bucks would be a waste, but its great stuff. Since that and reading these reviews i have ordered some Red vein Thai (my all time favorite) this morning, and am anxiously awaiting it. Thanks for the reviews guys!

  3. Tracie Van Wagoner

    We just got the Red vein Thi not sure if it’s a great match. It’s my first order & very New to Kratom

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