Skunk Ape Kratom Vendor Review

Skunk Ape Kratom LogoWhen looking for quality powder and extracts at a great price, you need to look no further than Skunk Ape Kratom. If you are looking for simple crushed leaves, fine powder or a more potent extract, this supplier has what you are looking for. This kratom vendor has a wide variety of strains and extracts to choose from as well. This is perfect for the individual that is a seasoned user or for the person who is just testing the waters to find what works best for them.

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Site Appearance and Ease of Purchase

All around, this site functions properly and is quite simple and easy to navigate. The top menu breaks down what you are looking for from kratom powder to kratom extracts. Each page gives you what you are looking for in a simple and straight forward presentation.

Moving on to the purchasing side of this site, Skunk Ape Kratom works just like most online retailers. When you have selected the product and the amount you wish to buy, click on the “Add To Cart” button. From the sites shopping cart, you are able to request a shipping quote and figure out how much you are going to spend before you actually make the purchase. This is a great feature and as you fill in your shipping information the rest is self-explanatory.skunk-ape-kratom-banner-ads-buy-728x90

Discounts and Coupons

Right away, the best bet to save on your kratom order is to sign up for Skunk Ape Kratoms email newsletter. This will provide you with a 30% discount off of your next purchase. Don’t worry about having crazy spam type emails, they will only update you with special offers and new product. Oh and always remember that if you change your mind about the newsletter you can always unsubscribe. At this moment, we were not able to find any coupon codes for you to take advantage of.

Shipping Information

All of Skunk Ape’s products are shipped from within the U.S.A., and on orders over $99 you can expect free FedEx over-night shipping. All other orders though, you will be required to pay standard shipping rates. Each order is processed and shipped the same day. Most other kratom retailers, offer free shipping for smaller orders but no one will ship free “Over Night”. This is a little bit of a give and take situation. If you plan your orders and buy a little more product, you will defiantly have the advantage of literally getting your order right away.

Skunk Ape Kratom Product Reviews

When it comes to determining the quality of Skunk Ape Kratom’s products, as they say the proof is in the pudding. Or in this case, the powder. In order to keep with a constant product, this vendor has stayed away form offering special blends. Having them lab test each strain to ensure its purity really makes Skunk Ape stand out. When ordering their kratom powders, you are only limited by the size of pouches the products come in. You can order as many bags as you want if you really want to bulk up on your favorite strains and extracts.

Bali Kratom Powder

I was very pleased with the quality of Skunk Ape’s Bali Kratom Powder. This fine, milled powder is Commercial grade and is of the highest quality. Often, this strain is used in stacks and I would say this supplement didn’t disappoint. Be sure to read up on our kratom effects review of this strain of Mitragyna speciosa. It is some of the best Bali Kratom powder on the market.

Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI)

Ultra Enhanced Indo is a favorite among many kratom users for its potency. Right away this extract provided a great boost in mood and energy. For more details on the effects of this Ultra Enhanced Indo pwder make sure to read our review. This was by far my favorite product and I will definitely be reordering for my personal supply.

Final Thoughts

Skunk Ape Kratom sets itself apart from other online retailers by having exceptional quality kratom. By helping them promote their products, you can earn a discount as well as earn points from each order. The basic shipping is nothing to write home about but those that order for their month supply at a time receive free overnight shipping. I don’t know about you but we can definatly get excited about that! No doubt Skunk Ape Kratom will continue to grow and offer even better deals for those that order on a regular basis.skunk-ape-kratom-banner-ads-buy-728x90

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