99% High Terpene Isolate – Guerrilla Glue

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With this highly potent product, you can be sure that the PhytoTerp product is there to provide the potency that you’re in need of and also to ensure that you’re getting the heightened CBD amount that you need and want from a product. With this being said, you can reduce the worry about not having enough of the CBD since this will usually be burnt off in the process which is not something you want.

Additionally, since this is one of the highest used products on the market, you can expect to find that the flavoring of this one is different from the others. It is a stickier, sweeter formula that provides not only the CBD content but a stronger flavor which is what you want from the dabs.

You can use it as you use the other products on the market and you can ensure that you’re getting a heightened quality product at the same time. Everyone benefits when using the right dab to your advantage. This beneficial product has your back in the end.

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