Differences in Kratom Vein Colors

What are the Differences in the Kratom Vein Colors?

One very unique aspect of Kratom is the identifiable differences in the central stem and vein color. This distinct color has a corresponding effect on our bodies when taking the herb. Each classification of color tends to have a unique set of effects that can give you clues as to what effects that particular strain will have.

Nevertheless, there are always exceptions to the rules. Kratom strains like Thai, or Borneo have a less balanced alkaloid profile that altogether produce a Kratom experience that is sedating or stimulating. Here is a general list of the 3 distinctive vein colors and their basic characteristics.

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Red Vein Kratom

Kratom LeafRed vein Kratom is among the most popular stains due to its remarkable pain killing effects,  sedation and, let’s not forget, its anxiety and stress relief. On the technical side, this is all possible because of the higher levels of the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine found within the leaf. Also with red vein strains, individual brain chemistry tends to be more stable and produce a more consistent effects between different people. On the flip side, white and green strains have variable effects of different people.

Many Kratom users prefer the very popular Red Vein Thai (RVT) for this reason. Containing both substantial levels of pain killing effects as well as giving you increased energy from its Thai influences. This strain is very well-round and slightly stimulating.

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Red Vein Strain Ratings

Pain Relief: 5/5

Energy: 2/5


White Vein Kratom

white-vein-kratomOut of all the kratom types, white vein is close and could almost be categorized as a nootripic (cognition enhancing) substance. This type can hold its own and be highly effective for conditions such as lack of focus/energy as well as dealing with depression. Even though there is a lower amount of 7-hydroxymitragynine found in white vein, it should not be treated lightly. Many users have found that this kratom strain is a wonderful substitute for coffee in the mornings. Its effects on alertness and focus are outstanding and have a really clean feeling to them.

White Vein Ratings

Pain Relief: 1.5/5

Energy: 5/5


Green Vein Kratom

green-vein-kratom-300x225Realistically, not everybody will prefer stimulation effects of white vein or the sedation of red vein Kratom. For those who find themselves in the middle, the best solution may in fact be green vein Kratom. This strain can provide the best of both worlds because it is much more moderate in its effects compared to the other strains.

Without a doubt, green vein kratom strains are generally less stimulating on personal brain chemistry compared to the white vein strains. This creates almost its own area and is similarly comparable to the effects of a nootropic, but a little milder.

Green Vein Ratings

Pain Relief: 3/5

Energy: 2.5/5

kratom crazy banner_720x300Kratom Vein Color Conclusion

For the natural enthusiast, selecting one of these unadulterated strains is the way to go. Many kratom suppliers have moved away from the basic strains and have created their own blends. By mixing different kratom strains and colors, you can come up with a few really amazing products. On the flip side, if your not careful in picking a reputable vendor, you can get inconsistent batches. Again, knowing the difference between the different vein colors and the effects at are associated with them, puts you in a position where you know what to expect. As they say, knowing is half the battle and now you know the difference in kratom vein colors.

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