Top 5 Popular Kratom Strains

What Are The Top 5 Popular Kratom Strains?

Popular Kratom StrainsOut of all the different kinds available, there are 5 popular Kratom strains that stand out from the rest. One of the great things about being human is that we are all individuals and it’s ok to like and enjoy different things. Some of the characteristics users look for in their personal favorites are duration, quickness and strength. For a multitude of reasons, the following strains are the most sought after and have been praised by numerous reviews.

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1-Maeng Da for Energizing

Probably one of the strongest Kratom stains available is Maeng Da. Originally available in only Thailand, it is now being traced all across the world. Potency and long lasting energy is what easily makes this strain achieve our number 1 spot on this list. At first giving you a feeling of euphoria, you can expect all of your chronic pains to disappear.

2-Red Bali for Pain

In an online pole, users were asked to vote for their favorite relaxing strain and Red Bali Kratom was the flat out winner. Long ago, the origin for the use of this herb came from the hard working farmer. After an extremely long day out in the fields, he would chew the leaves to ease his aching body and reduce his pain. Today, all around the world Red Bali is now being acknowledged for its relaxing properties Of the 5 most popular Kratom strains, nothing comes even close to Red Bali for healing and relaxation.

3-Indo Kratom for Anxiety

Indonesia’s tropical temperatures create a perfect environment for Mitragyna Speciosa plants to prosper and flourish. Any experienced user will tell you that the effects of Indo Kratom stand above the crowd and are the longest lasting. This trait is perfect for anyone who suffers from any form of Anxiety. By allowing you to become more social and confident, you can effectively treat anxiety and concentrate on what is really important to you. This is why Indo Kratom is ranked up in the top 5 stainskratom crazy banner_728x90

4-Green Borneo for Harmony

The Green Borneo is an entirely unique Kratom strain that provides the user with a mix of energy and calm. The main feature is a surge of energy but mixed with a calm mind. This allows the user to focus greater on the task at hand and have enough energy to push forward towards your greater goals, Leaving your mind and body in a perfect harmony. On a side note, Green Borneo gently eases irritating pains for up to several years, allowing you to lead an even paced, calm life.

5-White Borneo for Euphoria

Endless energy and euphoria, are the trademarks of White Borneo. For hundreds of years, people wanting to increase productivity would use this strain. When using this particular herb, you will experience a paradigm shift in your concentration allowing you to feel more confident with your abilities. In general, your particular outlook on everything will increase. White Borneo Kratom will make facing life and dealing with its problems enjoyable, and a thing of ease.


Final Thoughts on 5 Most Popular Kratom Strains

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that every Kratom user is different. Depending on what need we are searching for, or what goals we have in mind, it makes it hard to narrow down what strain is best for what person. As a basic strategy when selecting a strain, narrow down what traits and effects that you are looking for. Remember, every Kratom strain has a history and an experience all unto its own.

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