How to Clone Kratom Plants

The way of cloning kratom plants is one that few people know about. One of the rewarding magical experiences of horticulture is the growing of new plants by the process of cloning. Cloning is beneficial when your plant is difficult to start from seed. Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) seed has a very low germination rate of about 10 to 20%. Once you have a strong plant grown from seed, you can take a few growing parts and turn them into other strong plants. This is the process called cloning.

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My first step in propagation of my Red Vein Kratom began with lots of searches in You Tube for a
visible process to follow. I wanted to learn from successful growers in a manner that was simple to follow. I combined the videos into a process that has enabled be to have about an 80 to 90% success rate.

Cloning Kratom Plants

The first thing I do is inspect my healthy mother tree to find the ideal cutting to make. I look for a sample that has at least two nodes beneath a new growth of leaves. These new leaves are at the end of a branch. They are much smaller in size and usually lighter in color and glossy. The reason for wanting the new growth is that the natural growing hormones contained in the plant are at their peak in this stem at this time. Making it an optimum time for our purposes.

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In Botany terms “node” is simply the name for the place on the plant stem where the leaves emerge. I look for two sets of nodes below the new leaves. Using a clean cutting tool, I make a cut at 1/2″ below the the second node.

After placing the cutting in water I prepare the “Pot” to receive the new cutting. I use a 9oz clear plastic cup and place 3 small v cuts in the bottom edge. Then fill the cup about 80% with moist potting soil mix. Open a hole in the center of the potting mix to receive the new cutting.


Remove the lower two leaves carefully as this will be the place your new roots will form.


These open wounds leave the cutting susceptible to bad bacteria and disease. I spray the area with Hydrogen Peroxide which serves two purposes.
1. Kills bad or harmful bacteria.
2. Moistens the area for the next step of adding rooting hormone.


Dip the moistened cutting into the rooting hormone deep enough to cover slightly more of the stalk than you plan to place into the potting medium. 1.5″ ­ 2″. Slightly tap the stem to remove loose excess hormone.


Place the cutting into the prepared hole being careful not to scrape any rooting hormone off of the stalk. Slightly press the potting soil against the stalk eliminating air gaps. Put about 1/8 cup of water in the bottom of a gallon zip-lock baggie. Place the potted plant
into the bag, inflate the bag (I use my breath) and zip it shut.


This process creates a much needed high humidity environment for your plant. Not to mention your breath will give the plant much needed CO2 to breathe. This will make your plant very happy. You will want to keep the new plant in 75 to 90 degree temperatures and while it needs some light, keep it out of direct sunlight. Open the bag every few days and re-inflate. You should be able to see roots forming after about 7 to 10 days.

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Article by – Ken Walker – Homestead Gardener

9 thoughts on “How to Clone Kratom Plants

  1. Jesse

    Thank you! I have been looking all over for solid info like this. It has been hard to come by. I live in central Florida and would be interested in swapping strains if your interested. I have the typical Rafa, bumblebee and a brick house red. In the coming months I will also have a green Thai and a pink Thai. Email me if interested and thanks again.

    1. Ken Walker

      Jessie, Yes in response to your statement above I would very much like to trade clones with you. I am the author of the article about cloning kratom on this page (Kratom blast) I am in North FLORIDA. I would be glad to make a trip before the end of the month to work out the trade. I am interested in all the varieties that you mention above. In fact, I would be glad to trade some rooted clones for just a few cuttings from the different varieties that you mention. I have tried to respond to you before but have not succeeded. Under the circumstances I am in hopes to contact you soon. Ken

      1. Nick


        I am also in North Florida and would be interested in purchasing cuttings/plants from you if available. Please let me know.


    2. Kevin

      What strains of kratom do you have? I think I have riafat or something like that. I’m in kissimmee and I’d like to get another strain. Let me know.


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