Can Kratom And Alcohol Be Combined?

Kratom and AlcoholMost Kratom users wonder whether the mixing of Kratom and alcohol is going to produce pronounced side effects. There has been a lot of research going on about this subject and it can be safely concluded that there are 2 sides to the coin. To begin with, there are those who think that light drinkers can mix Kratom with alcohol without any harmful consequences. Another group thinks that when one takes Kratom immediately before or after a drink then it spoils the pleasure of alcohol and results in nasty headaches and painful hangovers. Unfortunately there is not a lot of information on this subject over the internet and Kratom users are left to collect info from anecdotal reports and rely on the experiences of other users.

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Kratom and Alcohol Side Effects?

It is generally believed that mixing Kratom and alcohol suppresses its headaches and over use can lead to headaches and nausea. Moreover it could also result in an unpleasant hangover. However it needs to be noted that there are various factors which have a role to play in determining the response of an individual to any herbal remedy. Some of these factors are the individual’s body weight, general health, metabolism and the kind of food consumed during the day.

Kratom and AlcoholIt is always recommended that you don’t mix Kratom with large amounts of alcohol. Alcohol slows down the neurotransmission to the brain and diminishes the general functioning of the central nervous system and thus acts as a depressant. Kratom on the other hand is a herb which is grown in the rainforests of Southeast Asia. Kratom is a sort of mind altering substance which can act both as a depressant and a stimulant depending on the physical condition of the user and the amount consumed. In severe cases, the mixture of the 2 can lead to too much pressure on the nerves and problems in the respiratory track.

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Kratom As A Drug Replacement

Kratom is an herb which is being enjoyed by people of all walks of life regardless of their age, sex and demographics. It is not a drug being used only by young party goers; it works as an excellent anti depressant and also helps in relaxation and sleeping. This is a complex herb with a wide range of advantages and therefore one needs to do a little research before mixing Kratom and alcohol. One common fact which has been reported by all Kratom users is the fact that while on Kratom one has a much less desire to indulge in other substances such as booze or marijuana. Rarely, we come across Kratom users who are craving for a drink. This is because Kratom is famous for soothing those receptors of our body that crave for opioids. This substance has been utilized as a medicine for combating severe withdrawals of alcohol or drugs. This is precisely why one who enjoys Kratom generally doesn’t crave a drop of alcohol. In other words when you are enjoying the pleasing effects of Kratom you will be much less interested in mixing kratom and alcohol.

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