Kratom and Drug Tests: Knowing the Risks and False Positives

Kratom Drug TestsAre you worried of facing unwanted consequences from kratom and drug tests? People in the working world tend to run into random drug tests. Others are required to submit lab tests in accordance to an agreement made with their company to law enforcement agency. In every case, no one desires to curtail their legal rights to utilizing kratom out of fear of sanctioned drug tests. But are these fears actually found in reality?

Standard Kratom and Drug Tests

The good news for kratom users who are worried of drug tests is that the herb and its alkaloids won’t likely show up in standard drug tests. Employers and government workers tend to not specifically for kratom. After all, kratom is safe for use and are protected from laws in different parts of the globe.

The source of kratom, mainly the Mitragyna Speciosa, doesn’t possess the same chemical structure as that of narcotics (including marijuana, heroin, and cocaine) that drug tests are purposely set up to detect. Regardless if you are or aren’t aware of such tests in advance, it shouldn’t be a big deal if you consumed kratom recently. You may have come across a few isolated cases of drug screenings that led to false opiate readings based on a user’s kratom intake. Such scenario rarely happens.kratom crazy banner_728x90

We’ve heard horrific tales of drug manufacturers creating false positives on several drug tests. But then again, there’s no indication that kratom is an indicator or opiate use in drug screenings either by urine or blood samples.

Kratom is neve an opiate, although once introduced within the body, it naturally interacts with the same brain cell receptors that opiate tend to latch on to. Through a benign influence of the body’s sympathetic nervous system, alkaloids from kratom tend to confused at times with opiates from unaware users.

However, kratom’s biological and unrefined Mitragyna Speciosa doesn’t possess any harmful dynamics that opioids are known for. It doesn’t lead to physical addiction or any long-sanding health issues we tend to observe as an illicit drug addiction. As a matter of fact, kratom has been labelled at times as an “anti-opiate” since it eases opiate withdrawal symptoms by means of soothing badly damaged cell receptors.Stressing Over Kratom Test

In a rare scenario that a false positive on kratom and drug tests are generated, a confirmation exam through GC-MS (gas chromatography-mass spectrometry) would shoot down any illegal drug intake.

Existence of Kratom Drug Tests

The sad part is, new tests are now being made that can specifically detect kratom in the system. There are many things that led have led to such test. False anti-kratom hysteria and misinformation from different organizations pushing forward to ban organic and alternative remedies including that of kratom.

Fortunately, these tests are still in the early stages and will likely not be part of an employer’s standard drug testing. Realistically, it will be years until there is a perfected test for kratom. Even if kratom and drug tests were carried out on you, you still have legal rights to protect yourself.

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3 thoughts on “Kratom and Drug Tests: Knowing the Risks and False Positives

  1. stacy cray

    I have a question. Assuming that there is some very small risk of this showing up on a drug test in any way or form,

    How quickly will the body eliminate Kratom ? How long would you need to wait for it to be out of your system. There are half lives and time periods for other drugs so I was wondering if this is known yet for Kratom…

    Up until now I was thinking that this was safe to take and I wouldnt need to worry about it on drug tests for employment.

    Any information would help!!!

    1. The User

      It takes approximately 7 to 10 days for kratom to pass through the body enough to not be detected by a specific UA seeking out the herb itself but can tell you I am being tested weekly right with a general UA test now and have NOT had ONE false positive in the past six weeks I have been given tests and have been a daily user for almost three years now.
      I have read Bali strains have been seen as Methadone but am a Maeng Da user myself and do not consume the Bali strains.

  2. S

    I have random drug testing from a probation office and can get called in any day of the week. Had 3 tests done in the past 3 weeks. Wondering if it would be safe to take and not worry about it showing? I don’t want to take the risk of failing or producing a false positive. Read many reviews and comments about the opms kratom and so far looks good that I wont have any issues… can you help me to get some guidance? This is my first time ever hearing of this supplement and I’m very curious at this point.

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