Kratom for Premature Ejaculation and Sexual Enhancement

kratom for premature ejaculationMore and more men seem to be reporting that when they used kratom for premature ejaculation, their results were amazing. In this day and age, pharmaceutical companies and some doctors are recommending long lists of drugs as a solution. Well what about those of us that don’t want to take handfuls of pills that “maybe” will give sexual enhancement? Searching for a simple and effective aphrodisiac is what many of us are interested in. Now there is a solution in a natural herbal remedy called Mitragyna speciose. Read reviews of the effects of different kratom products by clicking here.

Balance Between Kratom & Sexual Performance

First of all, knowing how much Mitragyna speciose to burn for sexual enhancement is very important. Kratom is well known as a mood booster and a natural stimulant. In smaller doses, you will experience a heightened awareness that will defiantly improve your bedroom game. Being more tuned into your overall senses, and at the same time felling relaxed, is perfect. Basic physical stimulation as well as an enhanced sex drive is evident with kratom’s stimulating strains and effects.

Although, for those that wish to prolong a sexual encounter, burning a medium to moderate amount of kratom is perfect. This herb is an aphrodisiac and prolongs sexual intercourse. With this target, you will desensitize yourself and delay orgasm. The pain-relieving and sedative effects, lessens sensitivity to your sex organs. Needing more stimulation and time to reach a powerful orgasm can be extremely useful for males. This medium dosage is perfect and totally shows why using kratom for premature ejaculation is a easy go to.

As with many things, moderation is always a key feature. In larger doses and with higher kratom tolerances, users might find a hindrance with excessive use of this herb. Although there is a possibility of negative sexual performance issues with the over use of kratom, these effects are only temporary. Stopping your kratom regimen will bring your erectile function issues back to normal.

Combining Kratom & Other Sexual Enhancements

When I first talked to my doctor about this combination of kratom and Cialis, he approved and assured me it was safe. Personally, I have had sex with this combo several times over the past few months with no problems. In order to keep your brain receptors fresh, take your rotation seriously and that will give you the advantage in any sexual encounter. Not only does this herb enhance sexual stimulation but, it also benefits everyone looking to use kratom for premature ejaculation.


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