Green House Kratom Red Thai Review

Green House Kratom Red Thai PackageToday we will be doing a review on Green House Kratoms Red Thai powder. Our first look at the package was quite interesting. The little brown colored bags looked very organic with what looks like a green ink stamped logo and label. Once I tore open the package you could see a thin foil layer inside. Then I took a little smell of the powder. The aroma was mildly of green tea with a hint of a paper smell that probably was from that packaging. I measured out a dose of 1 tsp and that equals roughly 3 grams of kratom powder. Now the bags create quite a mess. The openings are small so its hard to scoop the powder out. Also when closeing the bag, the powder seemed to get stuck in the seal and clung to the ripped bag edges. Inspecting the powder, it was very fine and tasted bitter. Remember to always be careful with fine kratom powder as it almost went up my nose. Not much clumping inside my mouth though and it washed down easily. Buy Kratom Online From Recommended Vendors Here

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Shipping Information

Living in Canada dose have its disadvantages when it comes to shipping. For this order to arrive at my door it took about 7 days. If you live within the USA I would assume that your order would come much quicker. If you are looking for discreet shipping, I would not order from Green House Kratom. The package had Mitragyna speciosa and their company name on the package.

Green House Kratom Red Thai Bag

Product Test Green house Kratom Red Thai Kratom

30 Minutes – So far there are no effects at all.

1 Hour – About 10 minutes ago I started to feel some of the effects of this Red Thai Kratom Powder. At first there was some euphoria that really aided an increase in my mood. Stress levels have gone down and I do all around feel more relaxed. My head feels a bit cloudy but just barely.

1 Hour 30 Minutes – The best part I am Green House Kratom Red Thai Doseexperiencing is the relaxation. Personally I find that Red Vein Kratom tends to do this to me. The euphoria is there but its not enough to really distract me. Focusing on a task is simple but I’m not being very productive. Multitasking is just out of the question at this point. My head does feel a bit more cloudy and that’s probably why productivity has decreased.

2 Hours – All of the effects are holding at the previous levels. There is nothing new to report on.

2 Hours 30 Minutes – The relaxation and euphoria that really put me in a good mood is slowly fading. Also stress levels are increasing a bit but my mood is still in a good place. I am starting to get a little tired but I don’t think its from the Red Thai Kratom Powder.Green House Kratom Red Thai Powder

3 Hours – I am still feeling a bit relaxed and there is just a slight feeling of euphoria. My mood is alright and the fogginess in my mind is starting to go away. Focus is getting better and that’s probably because the kratom effects are fading.

3:50 3 Hours 30 Minutes – Unfortunatly the Red Thai effects have all worn off really quickly. About 10 minutes ago I was feeling completely back to normal.

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Green House Kratom Red Thai Review Summary

This was one of those kratom powders that really acted abnormal. For the first 50 minutes there was no effects at all. Then really quickly I strated to feel the euphoria and relaxation that was quite good. Defiantly right up your ally if you want to relax and veg for a short time. And that’s just it, slow to start and fast to leave. Other than the timing of the effects of this strain I would call it good. Unfortunately, if you are going to be taking this Red Thai Kratom Powder for Pain Relief, then I would look elsewhere.

Focus: 2/5

Energy: 2/5

Mood: 3.5/5

Euphoria: 4/5

Relaxation: 4.5/5

Length: 2/5


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