Kraken Kratom Malaysian Powder Review

Kraken Kratom Vender Review
Kraken Kratom states that their Malaysian Powder is a more mild kratom strain. For those that are looking for something in between the Maeng Da Thai and PC Bali, this should be right up your ally. Kraken Kratom states that this strains average Mitragynine content is tested and verified at 1.9%. I am interested to to give this Kratom a detailed review. Buy Kraken Kratom’s Malaysian Powder Here

Shipping Information

Kraken Kratom’s order took about 5 days to show up at our door. To us, this was a great turnaround because we live in Canada. All of the Orders we get have to go through customs and that takes a little while. For anyone ordering within the U.S.A. I would imagine that your kratom order will arrive in 1 to 2 days.

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Product Test of Kraken Kratom’s Malaysian Powder

Typically, my usual dose of kratom is about 1.5 tsp on an empty stomach. In order to give a more detailed review, I prefer the “toss and wash” method of taking my kratom. The taste of this Malaysian Kratom powder was a little bitter. This is not abnormal and had a partial green tea taste to it. The aroma was not vary strong either but had an almost sweat undertone.

20 Minutes – Started to feel some of the effects coming on. I can definitely notice what I would describe as a clean, euphoric calmness. There are no jittery feelings and I do notice slightly increased energy and focus.

40 Minutes – As I continue on my day, the effects are still consistent with the last report. I also want to note that my mood has increased. I am defiantly feeling good.

1 Hour – Right now I am for sure feeling more euphoric. My mood has continued to increase as well as my focus, and mental state. Although, I am feeling a little light headed. This feeling could be from not eating. To counter act this possibility, I ate a few hand fulls of chips.Kratom Malaysian Powder

1 Hour 30 Minutes – Effects are still consistent with the earlier report. The light headed feeling has passed and I am really finding it easy to concentrate on tasks.

2 Hours – When I stop and think about how I am feeling, I can still feel the effects. I am still concentrating with ease on the tasks at hand.

2 Hours 30 Minutes – Nothing new to report. Still enjoying my day and the kratom effects.

3 Hours – At the moment, I am feeling really great. The increase in mood is awesome and and the effects have been consistent.

3 Hours 30 Minutes – At this point I am no longer feeling any of the Kratom effects. Personally this is a little disappointing as I have regularly had longer lasting strains.

Kraken Kratom’s Malaysian Powder Review Summary

All in all this was a fairly decent Kratom strain to try. Although I was not blown away with the effects, I enjoyed this Malaysian Powder. Realistically, I found it right in the middle of most categories. In order to extend the effects, I could have added another dose at the 2 hour mark. Still, This is a great kratom powder to try.

Energy: 2.5 out of 5

Focus: 3.5 out of 5

Mood: 3 out of 5

Pain: 2 out of 5

Length: 4 out of 5

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3 thoughts on “Kraken Kratom Malaysian Powder Review

  1. Kiria

    Kraken Kratom is an excellant vendor and awesome customer service. However the only
    Problem is their kratom is too mild for me. Takes a lot to get the job done.
    I went through an ounce in 10 days. Now I have selected another vender with lower prices and much stronger kratom.

    1. Susan

      Hey Kiria,

      Do you mind emailing me a message about your new vendor? I a! Interested in trying them out because I too find Kraken’s kratom to be a bit on the mild side.

      Thanks in advance!


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