Skunk Ape Kratom Ultra Enhanced Indo Review (UEI)

Skunk Ape Kratom UEI PackageHigh quality Ultra Enhanced Indo is what Kratom connoisseurs demand and Skunk Ape says they can deliver. This Vendor proudly proclaims that this is the best U.E.I. on the market. On their website, you can order 5g bags and all the way up to 20g bags. Today we will be reviewing this product to see if these claims measure up in a timed product test. Remember, everyone’s body is different and effects people differently. Always start with a lower does if you are not sure where to star. Work you way up


Shipping Information

From placing our order, to having the package show up at our door, the total time was 4 days. For those of you that don’t know, we live in Canada so our order had to clear customs. This is a fantastic turn around! For people ordering within the USA, we would expect that your order should arrive within a day or so.

One of the best things is that this order was shipped very discretely. On the description of contents on the USPS Priority Mail envelop, all its said was this was plant incense. For those who are looking to keep a low profile, you do not need to worry about buying kratom from Skunk Ape.


Skunk Ape Kratom’s Ultra Enhanced Indo Review

Ultra Enhanced Indo is becoming more and more popular. One of the reasons for this is the fact that Skunk Ape Kratom UEI Reviewenhanced and kratom extracts require less powder to be ingested with even better product potency. As we all know, this powdered herb is quite bitter and many people have a hard time dosing it because of the strong taste. For this reason, UEI has steadily become more and more popular.

As soon as I opened up the shipping envelope, I could see that the packaging is quite unique. The front side of the packages is completely transparent and gives you a good look at what you really have. One could even say they are not hiding anything. At the top of the package, it was factory sealed and required me to rip off the sealed strip. In order to keep the Powder fresh, there is a reseal-able strip. Tucked inside was a smaller zip-lock bag that contains the Ultra Enhanced Indo powder. Smelling the inside was a subtle, fresh smell of kratom. I measured out exactly 1/2 tsp and washed it down with a glass of orange juice.

30 Minutes – To be honest, I felt the effects within 20 minutes of my burn. I have a great mood and as far as productivity and focus go, I am operating at close to 100%. Easily able to stay on task and my mind feel clear.

1 Hour – All of the effects are about the same as the last time mark. The euphoria is a bit stronger and although I am relaxed, I am in a get things done mind set. Ready to crush whatever lies ahead.

1 Hour 30 Minutes – I cant believe how great of a mood I am in. I feel like I can do anything and dominate. My energy is not the strongest but I am finding that the simplest things I can focus on intently.

2 Hours – The simplest part I can do at the Skunk Ape Kratom UEI Powdermoment is focus completely on any one thing. I fell like I can become totally relaxed sitting in any position. Even standing I feel completely comfortable but I do prefer to sit down.

2 Hours 30 Minutes – At this point there is nothing new to document. All of the previous stated effects are the same.

3 Hours – I am so tuned into what I am doing. I am totally focusing on what I am doing and I still have amazing euphoria. Great mood but my energy is starting to fade a little bit.

3 Hours 30 Minutes – The relaxation I am feeling from the effects defies description. This is the best mood ever and I am still feeling totally euphoric.

4 hours – All in all, The effects are completely deplete and I am assuming that I am back to normal. I am still in a great mood and am relaxed. The energy was gone a long time ago and I am no longer feeling euphoric.skunk-ape-kratom-banner-ads-buy-120x600

Skunk Ape Kratom’s Ultra Enhanced Indo Review Summary

As soon as I opened up the UEI packaging, I was excited to begin this review. The euphoric feelings were very strong and they were accompanied by a very relaxing state of mind. Focusing was almost too easy and at times I think I was zoned out. This to me was not a problem and I enjoyed the deep state of relaxation with a great mood. This no doubtably was a fantastic Ultra Enhanced Bali Kratom Powder and I defiantly will be ordering again.


Focus: 5/5

Energy: 2/5

Mood: 4.5/5

Euphoria: 5/5

Relaxation: 5/5

Length: 4.5/5

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